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Garo Signs: Custom Apparel to Fit your Brand

When you’re looking for custom apparel, there are a lot of options to choose from. Garo Signs offers the attention of a small company for custom apparel projects from the smallest to the largest. Based in Sandy, Oregon, shipping nationwide. When you need shirts, hats, or other apparel with your custom brand of design, we can help. For more complex orders or for help with design, contact us below. Or, design your own apparel and get printing through our online store.

Custom Apparel for every occasion

Custom apparel from Garo Signs can enhance your experience both during and after an event. When you’ve got something going on, let Garo Signs be your custom outfitter. Whether you provide the design or have our team come up with something for you, we’re here to help.

With custom hats and shirts from Garo Signs, you have the freedom to create the apparel that perfectly suits your needs. Let your imagination run wild and watch as it comes to life on the fabric. Elevate your brand, express your style, or foster unity with custom apparel from Garo Signs. Contact us today to discuss your custom apparel project, request a quote, or explore design options. Experience the power of personalized clothing and make a lasting impression.

  • Company Events: If you’re hosting a corporate event or team retreat, consider custom shirts with your company logo. They foster a sense of unity among employees and create a professional image.
  • Sports Teams: Sports teams, from little league to adult leagues, can benefit from custom shirts and hats featuring team logos and colors. Don’t rely on faceless companies to take care of your team, rely on Garo Signs to get your crew outfitted on time and on budget.
  • Gifts: Personalized shirts and hats make excellent gifts. Whether for a personal celebration or as part of the recognition of an accomplishment of a team or individual, we can hook you up.
  • Special Occasions: Weddings, family reunions, and anniversaries become even more special when everyone wears custom shirts. These shirts can feature family names, event dates, and meaningful designs that serve as lasting mementos.

Custom Shirts: Unleash Your Creativity

When most people think about custom apparel, they think of shirts. Custom shirts are a canvas for your creativity. Whether you’re designing shirts for personal use or business purposes, Garo Signs makes it easy to bring your vision to life.

Endless Design Possibilities

With custom shirts, there are virtually no limits to your design options. You can print company logos, intricate graphics, or even personal messages. If you already have a settled upon design, we have options for you to move straight to printing. If you’d like help, the talented design team at Garo Signs can help you refine your ideas and ensure they look stunning on your custom t-shirts, or we can take care of the design for you.

Variety of Fabric Options

Different occasions and purposes call for different fabrics. Garo Signs provides a range of fabric options, ensuring that your custom shirts are comfortable and suitable for their intended use. We will also make sure that the printing method you choose is suitable for the fabric type you want.

Bulk Ordering

Whether you need custom shirts for your entire team, a family reunion, or a company event, Garo Signs accommodates bulk orders. You can enjoy cost savings without compromising on quality or service.

Design Your Own Shirts

Don’t need a bulk order or someone to help with your design? Design your own t-shirt through our online customization store. Get quick delivery on your design and an affordable price while knowing your money is going to support a local business who puts your interests first.

Custom Hats: Enhance Your Style and Identity

Been there, done that with t-shirts? Give hats a try. Custom hats are more than just accessories; they are statements of style and identity. Whether you’re an individual or trying for a new way to bring team unity, custom hats from Garo Signs can be the perfect solution.

Diverse Styles

Garo Signs seeks to offer multiple hat styles to choose from, including baseball caps and trucker hats. We will help you find the perfect hat to match your taste and brand identity.


Custom hats are versatile promotional tools for businesses. Use them as part of your uniform to create a consistent brand image, or offer them as promotional items at events to boost brand visibility.

Design Your Own Hats

If you’re confident in your design and are ready to go straight to the printing process, use our web-based system to select your hat, colors, sizes, and upload your image. Your hats will be on their way soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The lifespan of custom shirts and hats can vary based on factors like the quality of materials, the frequency of wear, and the care taken during washing. With proper care, high-quality custom apparel from Garo Signs can last as long as any printed shirt you buy at a store.

You’re welcome to provide your own designs for custom shirts and hats. Garo Signs offers the flexibility to work with your designs. The risk with using your own design is not having the certainty that it will come out the way you have it imagined in your mind. If you have your own design and you’re confident in it, you can use our web portal for ordering custom apparel. However, if you need design assistance, their skilled team is ready to help bring your ideas to life.

Garo Signs utilizes advanced printing methods, including screen printing, to ensure the best results for your custom apparel. If you have a particular method in mind, talk to our team about what’s best.

Garo Signs’ state-of-the-art technology allows for intricate designs and a wide range of colors. However, it’s recommended to consult with their design team to ensure your vision aligns with the printing capabilities.

Garo Signs provides competitive pricing and may offer discounts for larger custom apparel orders. They understand the needs of businesses and organizations with substantial apparel requirements and aim to provide cost-effective solutions. Contact them for specific pricing details on larger orders.